Discovered by a Pioneering Men’s Health Doctor... And Now Finally Available in the U.S....
$2 Sex Root Enters
$2 Billion Market
New Studies Show This Obscure 
African Root Helps Males... 
  • Last 5 Times LONGER
  • Perform 50% BETTER
  • Lust 357% HARDER
...At Any Age and Without Weird 
 or Dangerous Side Effects.
Passion… Lust… Pure animal WANT.

If it’s been a while, you’re not alone.

The truth is that low libido does as much, or more, damage to men’s sex lives as plain erection challenges do.

And while modern medicine has some pretty effective solutions for those specific issues… it does nothing to get your inner fire really going.

Or give you back that “rip-her-clothes-off-NOW” urge that’s been missing from your life.
Studies prove that this rare African plant grants a massive surge in passion & male performance
I’ve explained this to more patients than I can count, but for the longest time I didn’t have a one-stop-shop solution I could offer them.

The market for men is so focused on the erection part of the equation, everything else fall by the wayside.

Now, that’s all about to change.

A new set of studies have revealed an unexpected solution in an obscure African “aphrodisiac” bush.

One that typically clueless mainstream American doctors once dismissed as worthless superstition.

However, it has now been proven that this tiny yellow shrub is able to drive males into an almost otherworldly burst of intense sexual desire.

I’m talking about the kind of lust and hunger that you probably haven’t experienced since those frisky teen years.

In one groundbreaking study, males taking an extract from this “sex bush” experienced an earth-shattering 357% surge in raw libido.

And not only were they driven wild with desire, they were also able to last a stunning 490%, almost 5 times longer, before climaxing.[1]

Talk about wearing out the missus!

Just think of how different the world will feel after a high caliber encounter like that… plus the knowledge that round 2, 3, 4, and more, are coming up hot and heavy.

The smile in her eyes at your renewed gusto for life, and your ravenous hunger for her.

That’s just not something a simple erection could provide, no matter how reliable.

There’s no substitute for the real deal, for the kind of surging, obsessive lovemaking that leaves you both breathless and eager for more.

That’s why I set out to develop a different kind of men’s sex formula.

One that not only delivered help with the physical side of a good “roll in the hay,” but ALSO targeted the essential elements of passion and pleasure.

So as you can imagine, when I heard about these new studies… and the weird African bush driving subjects to such depths of lust... getting a hold of some became my priority.

Luckily for me, I regularly travel to Africa for research. So on my very next trip, I headed to Uganda to secure a supply of this powerhouse sex shrub.

Now, that may not sound like any doctor you know, but it’s exactly why patients from all around the world come to my clinic to solve difficult-to-diagnose health challenges — including many sexual issues.
My name is Dr. Al Sears. I’m the founder and director of the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, a highly successful integrative medicine facility in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.
Thousands of patients trust my cutting-edge therapies to maintain and boost their youthful health, restore lost energy, and help them live fuller, and more pleasurable lives.

My patients also want alternatives to Big Pharma — without side effects. That’s why every year, I travel the world to hard-to-reach countries like Uganda to find novel natural solutions… which often succeed where modern medicine is stumped.
A photo from my recent trek through Uganda in search of natural solutions for my patients.
I firmly believe that the earth gives us powerful natural remedies for just about every major health issue… including troubles in the bedroom.

And indeed, when I realized the full power of this little sex shrub, I instantly knew it would be a total game-changer for my patients.
So... just WHY is it so powerful?

At first, this was not clear, since older research showed that this shrub works mainly by flooding the body with testosterone.

But then, shouldn’t western testosterone replacement treatments get the same effects?

The truth is they don’t.

Even putting aside the dangerous side effects, like liver damage, I’ve never heard of testosterone therapy driving anyone into a lustful frenzy, or even a modest boost in passion.

What’s missing?

Turns out, the key lies in HOW the testosterone is generated.

See, pumping the body with “outside” testosterone, what’s called exogenous hormones, only gives the impression of a healthy “T” level.

Think of it like “cooking the books” at a business.

Everything may look right on paper, but could be completely falling apart in reality.

But new, more detailed research now shows that this little shrub, called Bulbine Natalensis, does something truly amazing: 

It actually triggers the natural testosterone engines of your body!

In studies, researchers showed that Bulbine natalensis dramatically increases what’s called luteinizing hormone, or LH in your blood.

In fact, over the course of 14 days, it causes LH to spike up as much 1300%!

This hormone has one specific function, to stimulate your Leydig cells, the body’s testosterone factories.

The result — a massive flood of NATURAL testosterone produced by your own body surges through you like a river of male energy and passion.

And when the dam built up by age, lifestyle or medical conditions breaks… that’s when your true raw self becomes unleashed.

Your primal desire comes roaring back.

Now, the mere sight of your woman makes you feel wild with excitement, just like it did back in your teens and 20s.

Plus, when your entire body is bursting with sexual energy, it's MUCH easier to get all the equipment to work right.

Of course, if you know me, you’ll know that I did not stop there.

Because with the lust and passion components taken care of… I wanted to make sure to also include a powerful pleasure booster, so that you can delight in the most erotic lovemaking of your life.

And physical performance magnifier… so that you can keep the fun going as HARD as you want it to.

Where could I find a natural solution for these two key elements?

Thankfully, right on the same continent!

That’s where I found…
Bangalala — The “Warrior Root” That Gets You READY for Conquest
It was on that same visit to Uganda, that on the ride to my hotel one day, I noticed that my taxi driver was chewing on a red stick. He said it kept him awake so he could drive. 

The locals call the stick… BANGALALA.

It’s also known as the “Warrior Root of Africa.”

And then he asked me if I wanted to try some.

I said, “why not?” and started chewing.

After just a few minutes, I noticed a surge in energy.

I Noticed Something Else...
I also felt a big-time rise in sexual desire. I won’t go into graphic detail but let me put it this way… I WAS READY. 


What was going on? 

Uganda is a poor country, maybe the poorest on the planet. You’ll find overcrowded cities and lush farmland… plus a red, choking dust that seems to rise from everywhere. It’s beautiful in many ways… but poor. 

Despite the poverty, Ugandans smile all the time because they are so happy. The people are very social and they are very sexual

The same day as my cab ride, I noticed that vendors were selling the “little red stick” in bundles. Men were chewing it pretty much everywhere I traveled in Uganda. 

I had to learn more about this stick and what was in it. I asked more men why they chewed it.

When I asked about its price, I was told a bundle cost about $2… which may not seem like much to you or I but is a VERY substantial amount in this poor nation.

Yet even at this steep price tag, most men make sure to keep a supply handy.

Many told me they felt powerful and full of energy for their work and daily activities. They rarely felt tired. They felt healthy and ready to take on the day when they were chewing on this stick.

During the evenings, they felt totally energized in bed. They enjoyed on-demand erections… long lovemaking sessions… rock-hard erections that lasted a long time… the sexual energy of someone much younger… plus extremely satisfied partners. 

I was intrigued. 

It was clear I was on the verge of discovering an all-natural performance solution that was perfect to complement the wild lust and passion ignited by the Bulbine sex shrub.

Here was something that could provide that extra oomph in the sheer physical act that guys can pride themselves in.... and which women crave.
What Bangalala Can Do for You...
As I already told you, when I first tried this weird little stick, I WAS READY TO GO… FOR A WHILE…

Eventually, the effects wore off and… once I had calmed “down”… I began to look for more information about this Bangalala stick I saw everyone chewing on.
I learned that Bangalala is a plant found throughout Africa. Its Latin name is eriosema kraussianum

And the root of this plant gives us a natural aphrodisiac used for centuries to help:
Bangalala is a powerful root that has been used by African warriors for centuries to increase their strength and sexual performance.
  • Enhance male potency
  • Increase sex drive
  • Improve circulation
  • Keep an erection rock-hard
“It appears to improve circulation, opening the veins and increasing blood circulation,” wrote Ben-Erik van Wyk, a medicinal plant specialist and the professor of botany at the University of Johannesburg. [14]

In other words, it’s the perfect solution to the purely physical side sex. The heart-pumping fuel you need to rock her world.
When I Further Researched Bangalala, Here’s What Else I Discovered...
The natives I spoke with on my recent trip to Uganda swear by this ancient sex herb.
I learned more about this “Warrior Root of Africa” from Dr. Josiah Kizito. He’s an expert in natural healing and the use of African healing plants.

Dr. Kizito told me that Bangalala has been used for centuries in Africa to provide superior strength, agility, and sexual prowess.

He encouraged me to talk to local people who use it.

The men told me that Bangalala works wonders for their sex lives. And their wives/partners were quick to agree! 

Of course, I had to make sure that there was research to support these claims, and after some more searching, I found plenty!
  • ​A University of Pretoria study found that Bangalala can boost blood flow to penis tissue for reliable erections. It was 75% as effective as “the little blue pill” so popular with most doctors. But without the side effects. [15]
  • ​Another study found that even small doses of Bangalala resulted in erections within 60 minutes that lasted for several hours. Up to 50% LONGER, in fact, than the Big Pharma solution![16]
  • ​A study in Phytochemistry found that Bangalala caused longer-lasting and higher relaxation of veins. This boosted blood flow to the genital area, enabling erections. [17]
As you can see, my personal experience shows that Bangalala works. I felt it. 

And the research backs me up.
How I Brought This Powerful Erection Remedy to My Patients...
Thousands of patients have come to me with sexual issues and problems.

So when I found both the Bulbine “Sex Bush” and the Bangalala “Warrior Root of Africa” during the same trip, I was beyond excited and eager to bring these powerful natural solutions to them as quickly as I could.
So, I created an all-new formula to help you with…
  • ​On-demand erections that last as you need
  • ​A return of wild sexual desire like you had in your 20s
  •  All-day energy and vitality
  •  Passion, desire, stamina, confidence, intimacy
I call this all-new creation… T-Max African Aphrodisiac
Restore the excitement, the urgency and the sensitivity! 
I created this formulation using the highest quality ingredients to help you reclaim your sexual vitality and energy… without chemical-based solutions.

Truly, it’s like no other men’s performance solution you could find.

I’ve already told you about two of the key ingredients in T-Max African Aphrodisiac, which are…
  • Bangalala Eriosema Cordatum, the “Warrior Root” that gets you UP and ready to conquer.
  • Bulbine Natalensis, the “Sex Bush” that drives 357% more passion and lets you last 5 TIMES longer.
Now, let me introduce you to the third essential element in my formula… and the one I chose specifically to boost intimacy with your partner, and to grant you the most sensual, erotic, and purely pleasurable sex of your life.

I’m talking about a plant from Central Africa called Griffonia Simplicifolia, which has the honor of being the world’s single greatest source of something called 5HTP.

Let me explain what this means for you.

5-HTP, when ingested, converts into serotonin — your vitally important “feel good” hormone. 

And when your serotonin gets flowing, your feelings of being anxious just melts away, making Griffonia nature’s ultimate confidence builder. 

In fact, studies have shown that 5-HTP can reduce feelings of being blue and anxious, and even improve sleep patterns. 

All that extra serotonin also fosters feelings of closeness with your lover, for that kind of  “get lost in each other’s eyes” intimacy that lets you share a deeper level of pleasure as you make love. 

And that’s not the only thing boosting your pleasure… because when serotonin floods into your brain, it also triggers a much-heightened sensitivity to touch.  

So that every stroke, every passionate kiss and longing caress… all feel even better and more exciting than normal! 

Just think of the sensory pleasure you usually get from sex, and then crank that dial all the way up. 

That’s what Griffonia delivers. 

And that’s what makes it the third key player in T-Max African Aphrodisiac
  •   Turbo-charged “young buck” performance
  •  Sheet-ripping lust
  •  Spine-tingling pleasure
T-Max REALLY has all the bases covered.

But there’s still more I added into the final version of this formula... to make it better than anything else on the market today…
Five Powerful Sexual Ingredients in One Formula
T-Max is the ONLY formula available in the U.S. that includes all these ingredients.
1. Bangalala Eriosema Cordatum... The Warrior Root of Africa

The root has been used for centuries in Africa as a natural aphrodisiac and is scientifically proven to:
  • ​Boost blood flow to the penis.
  • Provide timely and long-lasting erections.
  • ​Help with all-day general energy and stamina.
“The Warrior Root” works in so many ways
to naturally restore your sexual prowess.
  • Promote general health by boosting circulation.
  • ​Maintain a generally upbeat mood.
T-Max gives you the optimal dose of Bangalala… 25 mg.
2. Griffonia Extract

Griffonia seed comes from the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant. You’ll find Griffonia in west and central Africa. It’s also the world's most powerful source of 5-HTP. Which your body uses to creates serotonin… a key mood, sleep and pleasure chemical.
Griffonia can help to:
  • ​Reduce feelings of being anxious
  • ​Promote feelings of well-being
  • ​Help with sleep
  • ​Give you a calm and relaxed state of mind
Griffonia Simplicifolia is VITAL for sending you signals that promote sexual pleasure.
I included Griffonia because of its impact on serotonin… which is VITAL for sending signals of pleasure and contentment. You need these signals to encourage and promote sexual pleasure.

And because Griffonia can reduce feelings of being anxious, naturally taking away one of the reasons that can keep you from achieving an erection. [18]
3. Bulbine Natalensis

Africa's powerful "Sex Bush", proven to naturally help to boost testosterone. [19]

What’s more, by doing it the right way and helping your body generate it naturally, this is a “T” boost you can actually feel.

Studies show that it can drive an increase in passion and desire as high as 357%, and also increase time before climax by up to 5 times longer, all with a relatively small dose. [20]

I included Bulbine to complement and boost the impact of Bangalala… and really deliver the raw sexual passion you’ve been craving!

Bulbine Natalensis is known as South Africa’s “Testosterone Powerhouse” for the huge boost it gives you as a natural aphrodisiac.
4. Vitamin B12

I’ve been recommending B12 to my patients for years. Why? Because vitamin B12 boosts the health of:
  • ​Red blood cells
  • ​The entire nervous system
Without enough B12 in your diet, you can quickly get really low on energy. Other problems related to B12 deficiency can include anemia, weakness, loss of appetite, feeling blue and a low sperm count.

The best way to get TONS of B12 is through red meat, yet most people are eating less red meat these days… on the advice of so-called “nutrition experts.” 
Vitamin B12 helps support the normal dilation of blood vessels, which is critical to achieving an erection.
Another great way is through organ meats like brains, kidneys and liver. Have you had your daily liver and onions, brains and eggs, or steak and kidney pie?

No? I didn’t think so.

For overall health and to promote a healthy sex life, I included B12 as part of T-Max.

Vitamin B12 also converts carbohydrates into glucose — which fuels energy production in your body. [21]

And vitamin B12 can provide protection for a healthy heart by supporting healthy cholesterol levels.[22]  This can provide a degree of protection against blood pressure problems… which can also lead to sexual issues. [23,24]
5. Guarana

Guarana comes from a plant grown mainly in Amazonian regions. Guarana is a stimulant that’s been shown to enhance athletic performance and reduce mental and physical fatigue. It can also help with fatigue and help people deal with feelings of being anxious. [25]

I included guarana in T-Max African Aphrodisiac to boost the potency of the other ingredients… to make sure you have plenty of energy for your vibrant new sex life... and to help with two of the major causes of sexual issues  — feelings of being anxious and stress. [26]
Guarana is an energy booster that keeps you going all day long.
The Real Reason I Created T-Max African Aphrodisiac
I created T-Max to help men who are suffering from sexual issues. But there’s more to a strong and satisfying sex life than your erection. Yes… that’s obviously part of your sex life but there’s much more. 

There’s attraction… satisfaction… desire… passion… energy… stamina. Sure, the ingredients in T-Max can help to improve that all-important blood flow to your penis. But I created T-Max to help with every aspect of your sexual life.

That’s one of the many reasons I don’t like the “solutions” I see advertised on television all the time. They only address ONE part of the “sexual” problem.
Don’t Trust Crazy Supplements Making Crazy Claims…
Because sexual health issues are so common in our society, there’s a lot of “junk” out there on the market. I’m sure you’ve seen all types of herbs with people making crazy claims.

And I know you might be thinking that T-Max is just another one of those supplements. I get that. I just ask you to remember…
T-Max is created by a doctor… me… and NOT by a couple of guys working out of a basement.
T-Max provides you with the highest quality ingredients backed by my personal reputation.
T-Max is part of a family of the highest quality dietary supplements proven to provide the benefits they promise. 
My clinic has a long track record of helping thousands of people enjoy youthful vitality. I recommend T-Max African Aphrodisiac to my family members, patients and employees who are suffering from sexual issues.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with T-Max, just return the bottle(s) within 90 days from day of purchase, and you’ll receive a full, prompt refund thanks to the rock-solid guarantee. Please see the full details below.

I only put my name… and the reputation of my clinic… on natural formulas of the absolute highest quality.
Yes — You Might be Able to Get All the Ingredients in T-Max Separately... But There’s No Reason to Do That...
T-Max Gives You Everything You Need...
The ingredients in T-Max are difficult to find in the U.S. Buy them individually and they can cost hundreds of dollars… 

But thanks to my long-time connections in Africa and elsewhere, I have found the highest quality ingredients at sensible prices. I have passed these savings to you. The result? You get all the benefits of T-Max in one tablet… without having to spend hundreds of dollars on these ingredients.
My “Private Label” Products — Top Research Plus Only the Finest Ingredients 
I know there are lots of dietary supplements on the market. Many of these contain B12 and some of the other ingredients in T-Max.

What makes T-Max different and better?

Good question.

T-Max is part of my “Private Label” collection. It’s absolutely the “BEST OF THE BEST” when it comes to the quality we provide for you… so you get the solution to your sexual issues.

Here’s what you receive with “Private Label” dietary supplements.
  • ​The highest quality ingredients from hand-picked suppliers for the purity you deserve.
  • ​A “no-compromise” approach to ingredients.
  • ​Careful research by me and my team of nutritional specialists.
  • ​All supplements manufactured to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). The “gold standard” in the industry.
  • ​Organic and non-GMO sources when possible.
  • ​Full testing and quality control.
  • ​Supplements made in the United States.
So, to sum up, let me give you…
10 Reasons to Trust T-Max African Aphrodisiac Right Now
T-Max African Aphrodisiac can provide you with all these benefits:

1. Gain the sexual performance of a 20-something.

2. Superior stamina that lasts.

3. The energy and desire to satisfy your partner’s urges.

4. On-demand sexual performance.

5. A re-ignited sex drive that fills you with passion.

6. A youthful libido that keeps you in the mood.

7. The resurgence of your male vitality.

8. The fast return of passion, desire, stamina, confidence, intimacy.

9. Reduced feelings of being anxious and increased feelings of well-being.

10. Powerfully enhanced physical performance.
I created T-Max because I see so many people who are suffering from lack of sexual energy and performance.

People like Regus S. from Sacramento, California, who was stunned by the way T-Max restored a sex life he had almost given up on!
- R.S., Sacramento, CA
"Results far beyond what I imagined possible..."
“I am a 66-year-old man who has been seeking answers to my serious lack of libido. I have gone to doctors, read and researched extensively, and tried over a dozen different products and at least five programs that were 'guaranteed to fix the problem.' None of them worked for me, and several of them had negative side effects.
T-Max has more than lived up to his claims of restoring my desire and ability to have physical intimacy. The results have been far beyond what I expected and even imagined possible at my age, including increased sensitivity and endurance. Thank you, Dr. Sears, for researching and developing this product. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with a similar situation.”
And he’s far from being alone in his delight... 
  • “This supplement is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! So many supplements we take we do so on faith. The results are and power of T-Max is AMAZING!  - Raves Jim from Tampa, Florida 
  • "I noticed a great deal of strength, stamina and arousal. The best for last, of course, it's so intense. I highly recommend this for sure. - Says Lonnie from Laporte, Indiana
  • “T-Max has helped restore my sexual appetite, vigor and endurance. When you're in your 60s, that's a welcome outcome. I must say the loudest endorsement comes from my wife - regularly!" - Brags Bruce from Queensland, Australia
As you can see, the power of T-MAX is REAL... 
Want a Solution to Sexual Issues? Take These Steps RIGHT NOW...
It’s time to take these three easy steps — but ONLY if you want to reclaim your sexual energy, passion and performance.

STEP 1. Make a decision to solve this problem with a natural solution… thousands of men have done this and so can you.

STEP 2. Get T-Max right away. Select the best deal below.

STEP 3. Dissolve one tablet of T-Max on your tongue as needed and enjoy your newfound sex life. Don’t use it more than three times a day… you won’t need to!

I insist on ONLY using the highest quality natural ingredients.

For the current batch of T-Max, I was able to find the ingredients at some lower-than-normal prices. And I have passed these savings to you.
Take Advantage of These Low Prices Now Before the Price of the Ingredients Increase.
Order below right away to secure your shipment of these hard-to-find ingredients…

And… as always… enjoy my…

100% Rock-Solid Guarantee… T-Max MUST Work or You Receive Your Money Back…

T-Max is guaranteed to give you the sexual performance you want… or you pay NOTHING.

When your order of T-Max arrives, just take one quick-dissolving tablet.

Within minutes, you’ll start to feel a difference as your sexual energy ramps up… and you’re ready to go.

That’s what happened to me when I first took T-Max and I’m confident you will enjoy its energizing benefits right away.

T-Max must provide you with the sexual energy you want, or you receive a full and prompt refund. If you’re not happy with T-Max, just send it back within 90 days from day of purchase and I’ll give you a full product refund. No questions asked.

More importantly, T-Max must continue to keep your sexual performance at top levels for as long as you use it.

If you don't agree or you’re unhappy for any reason — or no reason — simply return T-Max within 90 days from day of purchase for a full and prompt refund of your entire product purchase price. That way, you risk nothing.

Now You Have a BIG and Life-Changing Decision to Make
You have a simple decision to make.

You can live with sexual issues and never really enjoy the sexual part of your life... endlessly frustrating both yourself and your partners.


You can order T-Max and help reclaim — and maintain — the youthful energy, performance and passion you want and NEED.

Order T-Max RIGHT NOW and remember… you take absolutely no risk because I guarantee it will work.

If T-Max does not work, then you get a full and fast refund.

I know you’ll make the right decision for your health… and your relationships.

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD, CNS

P.S. I have an extremely limited number of bottles of T-Max available at this time… and at this price. So it’s VITAL you get your supply right away.
Please make your selection below.
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE, Plus FREE Shipping!
You’ll get a FREE BOTTLE and SAVE 33% when you purchase two bottles of T-MAX by selecting the BEST DEAL, which also includes FREE Shipping!

That means you're getting a 3-month supply of T-Max — and likely more, since most men don't use it every single day — for only $99.90.
I’ll get 3 bottles of T-Max shipped right to my door for only $44.95 each, PLUS shipping and handling.
Get 1 bottle of T-Max for $49.95 PLUS $8.95 shipping and handling.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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